General settings

TerosHDL settings

Python3 path

Python3 is automatically usable by TerosHDL if it’s in your system path. But a custom path can be configures if it’s not the case in

Teroshdl Global: Python3-path




For VHDL configurations go to Teroshdl Formatter VHDL Type > Standalone in the extension settings.

Configurations available:

  • Align-comments:

    Select to align comments.

  • Align-function:

    Align signs in function.

  • Align-generic

    Align signs in generic.

  • Align-port

    Align signs in port.

  • Align-procedure

    Align signs in procedure.

  • Indentation

    Add spaces for indentation.

  • Keyword-case


  • Type-name-case



For Verilog the configurations available are the following:

  • Spaces:

    Space per indent.

  • Style:

    Different styling options.